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Models / Whitney Morgan

Avg Rating: 5.0

Whitney Morgan Vital Stats:

Whitney is an amazing model and actress. She is a true switch, being able to take on submissive and dominant roles. She is one of the most versatile talents available. She has done everything from Glamour modeling to hardcore scenes. She is most well know as the Queen of fetishes! She is available for customs.

Whitney Morgan Updates

Podiatrist Shrunk Himself
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Three women waiting for the podiatrist. Third one to walk in, after realizing how long the other two have been waiting, starts poking around and finds the shrunken podiatrist under his coat. The three women tease him with their feet demanding answers to their problems.

Tags: Fetish
The Magical Socks
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Dr Lei has a patient who seems to be unable to think of anything but smelling the socks on her friends feet. Dr Lei leans in too close to try and talk with the young lady and suddenly she is lost in the smell of the socks on her friends feet. She can’t stop smelling them? What is going on?

Tags: Foot Worship
Tickles n Orgasm 2
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
I expected it to happen. I had bound and tickled Whitney a couple of times. She gets me back. But she is a little kind. In between tickling my cute feet she starts to rub my pussy. But as soon as she lets me start to orgasm, she tickles me, totally ruining it! argh

Tags: Tickling
tickles_n_orgasm 2
The Foot Perv
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Leilani loves feet. She passes by two women who have feet that are intoxicating. She must worship them! She crawls over to the two pairs of feet inhaling the wonderful scent before she descends upon them to smell more deeply, to lick, suck and enjoy both pairs of feet. oh is this not the foot fetish...

Tags: Foot Worship
Leilani Worships Whitney's Feet
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
Leilani had not experienced having her feet worshipped before. Her friend Whitney had shown her all about it. It made Leilani feels soooo good. She is quite curious now and wants to worship Whitney’s feet. Whitney thought she would never ask!

Tags: Foot Worship
Whitney Teaches Leilani Foot Fetish
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
Leilani has been talking with a guy on a dating app. One day he tells her he is a foot fetishist. She is not sure what to think and doesn’t really know what he means by that. She doesn’t know what questions to ask him even. Her friend Whitney is kinky, so she turns to her for advice. Leilani definitely...

Tags: Foot Worship
Raincoat Bondage 5
Beth McKenna, Whitney Morgan
Slave craves punishment. Mistress wants to have some fun before she doles out punishment to the slave. Mistress ties slave in a hogtie.

Tags: Bondage
Nylons n Dangling Heels
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
Two sexy ladies sitting at the table, talking, dangling their heels when they notice you. Is it the dangling of our heels that has caught your attention? Perhaps it is the stockings?

Tags: Dangling, Nylon Worship
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