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Models / Leilani Lei

Avg Rating: 5.0

Leilani Lei Vital Stats:
Height:  5'2"
Age:  52
Measurements:  34-27-34
Astrological Sign:  Libra

Leilani is a petite sexy woman with perfect feet. She does a variety of adult work. She has been described as a fuck toy. She is a self proclaimed insatiable orgasm slut. She can be found on numerous sites as she has worked with many producers, big and small. Be careful, she is very addictive! 

Leilani Lei Updates

Want To Be A Slut?
Kitty Catherine, Leilani Lei
Milf has had enough of her girl Kitty dressing like a slut. The skirt she has on today doesn’t even cover her butt cheeks. Her breasts are hanging out of her top again. Milf has talked until she is blue in the face. If Kitty wants to dress like a slut, milf will show her what being a slut means!

Tags: Girls Girls Girls, Role Play
Pervy Foot Doctor 2
Anastasia Rose, Leilani Lei
Petite sexy Anastasia visits the foot doctor for advice on her aching feet. Dr Lei examines her feet after viewing the xray and finding no broken or fractured bones. The muscles in Anastasia’s feet are tight. Anastasia has been standing a lot recently so that would explain the soreness too. Dr Lei...

Tags: Foot Worship
Foot Slave Sadie
Leilani Lei, Sadie Holmes
Mistress Leilani leads her slave Sadie into the room on a leash. Sadie has been very good the past week. Leilani wants to reward her foot fetish while indulging in being pampered. Sadie adores Leilani’s feet and quickly slides one of her Mistress’s shoes off after kissing her feet to inhale the delightful...

Tags: Foot Worship
No Sex On First Date
Dani Dare, Leilani Lei
Two mature milfs make a pac not to sleep with their dates that night since it is a first date for both of them. They don’t want to make the guys think they are sluts even though they are. Both end up keeping to the pac and are very horny as a result. Leilani proposes they take care of each other, they...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
Happy Ending Massage 3
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
It was bikini massage day and Leilani was massaging a cute dork. His towel slipped down as she massaged his fabulous round butt cheeks. She has him roll over so she can massage his front. She notices he’s gotten hard, she sneaks a peek by pulling the towel down a bit too far. But she mustn’t. But...

Tags: CreamPie, Interracial
POV Foot JOI 13
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Helena and Leilani see you looking at their bare feet kicked up on the table. Are you drooling for our soft wrinkled soles? We wiggle our toes and you squirm in your chair as your dick hardens. We tell you what we want you to do to our feet while we encourage you to stroke your hard throbbing dick for...

Tags: POV Foot Worship
POV Foot Worship 4
Dani Dare, Leilani Lei
Leilani and Dani two tanned sexual milfs are hanging out talking about their feet, comparing them when they notice a foot perv looking at their feet. They tease him by showing off their feet and talking about what they can do to him with their feet, showing him what their soft wrinkled mature soles and...

Tags: POV Foot Worship
Masturbation 28
Leilani Lei
Milf Leilani is horny. Her hands are roaming her body, exploring. She pinches her nipples, her fingers slip into her panties to rub her clit. She drives herself crazy, removes her panties and grabs a glass dildo to fuck herself. She brings herself to multiple creamy orgasms.

Tags: Masturbation
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Leilani you are one of the best things that happened to internet porn. HUGE fan.
Dr Lei's therapy 22 leilani I really like the lesbian videos that you do with Sally D Angelo.
Your feet are on my bucket list
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