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Models / Leilani Lei

Avg Rating: 5.0

Leilani Lei Vital Stats:
Height:  5'2"
Age:  52
Measurements:  34-27-34
Astrological Sign:  Libra

Leilani is a petite sexy woman with perfect feet. She does a variety of adult work. She has been described as a fuck toy. She is a self proclaimed insatiable orgasm slut. She can be found on numerous sites as she has worked with many producers, big and small. Be careful, she is very addictive! 

Leilani Lei Updates

Milf Seduces Young Lady
Leilani Lei, Sadie Holmes
Milf Leilani walks in on her half naked young girl Sadie. Leilani suddenly realizes what a beautiful sexy woman Sadie has become. She can’t help herself, she is so horny she seduces young Sadie. She licks and sucks Sadie’s cute perky boobs and tastes her sweet pussy. Once Sadie has brought Leilani...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls, Role Play
Do Men Like Vibrators
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
We all know women like vibrators, but do men? I had heard rumors that some men like vibrators too. I decide to put it to the test. I strap my masked slave down to the bed, blindfolded. I start with a mild vibrator, moving up to one that is a bit stronger before pulling out the powerful vibrator. By the...

Tags: Fetish
Your Cute Feet
Leilani Lei, Whitney Morgan
TABOO - Milf Leilani is admiring her girl Whitney’s latest pedicure. She feels how cold they are so she starts to massage them to warm them up. Whitney says her boyfriend got the pedicure for her. She remarks how strange it is that her boyfriend seems to obsess over her feet. Leilani tells her she...

Tags: Foot Worship, Role Play
Smoking Masturbation
Leilani Lei
Milf is taking a smoking break outside on a breezy day. The sound of the birds chirping all around. The wind feels delicious on her pussy. She spreads her legs and her lips to feel the wind in all the nooks and crannies of her pussy. It gets her horny so she starts playing with herself while she continues...

Tags: Masturbation, Smoking
Plumber Cleans My Pipes
Leilani Lei, Nicky Rebel
Horny milf hires a plumber to clear her bathroom clogged pipe. He’s cute so she decides to ask if he wants to make more money. She has another pipe that needs work. Her vagina! He’s so cute, he says no because he is married. When she offers more money, she makes him stammer. He can barely say the...

Tags: Cougar, MILF
Nylon Foot Worship
Leilani Lei
I've seen you always checking out my legs, heels, feet. You seem to be particularly distracted when I put my nylon covered feet up on my desk. I tease you by dangling my shoe. I know you are waiting for it to drop. What color nail polish am I wearing on my toes? Is the anticipation driving you nuts?My...

Tags: Foot Worship, Nylon Worship
POV Nylon Worship
Leilani Lei, Sadie Holmes
Milf Leilani and her girl come home from work everyday about the same time. They hit the couch and slide their heels off, rub their feet, stretching them. Leilani’s boy seems to always show up and sit on the floor near their feet. They ask him why. Is it the pantyhose? Leilani suddenly realizes he...

Tags: POV Foot Worship, Role Play
Video Chat Masturbation
Leilani Lei
We have been separated for too long. I really miss you. I miss the touch of your hands on my body. I miss feeling your hard cock in my mouth, in my pussy. I miss our wild sex nights. But at least we can video chat and masturbate together while we dirty talk to each other to hold us over until we can...

Tags: Masturbation
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Leilani you are one of the best things that happened to internet porn. HUGE fan.
Dr Lei's therapy 22 leilani I really like the lesbian videos that you do with Sally D Angelo.
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