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Models / TheFeetGuide

Avg Rating: 4.0

TheFeetGuide Vital Stats:

This young man is a hungry foot fetishist photographer who is fabulous behind the camera. He also likes to be in front of the camera so I gave him a try. I think he did good. Hope you enjoy his work too! He's close by and available for custom videos!

TheFeetGuide Updates

Blue Toes Foot Job
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
Leilani loves the feel of a big hard cock between her feet. The feel of a hard throbbing rod against her wrinkled soles is divine. Gripping the the massive sensitive dick with her toes and sliding them up and down is intoxicating. She loves to feel the swollen head of a throbbing cock between her toes....

Tags: Foot Job
Foot Job Dream
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
Fresh out of the shower Ted starts looking at pictures of feet. He stops on Leilani Lei’s feet. He drifts off to sleep while fantasizing about her. She slips into his dream and offers her soft wrinkles sweet soles to him. She lets him enjoy until his young hard cock grows hard. She slips his towel...

Tags: Foot Job
POV Foot Job By Milf
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
Shot mostly POV with no story line. Just a milf milking a young black cock with her soft wrinkled feet and pretty pink toes.

Tags: Foot Job
Wheres My Heels?
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
Milf Leilani was bored with her husband out of town. His young man was home so she went to see what he was up to and try to create a friendly relationship with him. Sitting on his bed she keeps getting poked by something under his pillow. She looks and finds a pair of her shoes she had been missing for...

Tags: Foot Job
Ted's Double Foot Job
Alex Marie, Leilani Lei
Alex comes to milf Leilani asking about foot fetish because her boyfriend just told her he has a foot fetish. Leilani says she hasn’t heard of it and says she will look it up while Alex runs some errands. Leilani is intrigued with the info she finds but she wants to know more. She slips into Ted’s...

Tags: Foot Job
Insurance Agent's Foot Job
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
My insurance company sent over an agent to file a claim. He happened to be a cute young man with a foot fetish! I had caught him smelling my shoes when I left the room for a few minutes. He has worshipped my feet until his cock has grown hard. I have now dragged him to the bedroom and pushed him onto...

Tags: Foot Job
Worship My Feet Vol 4
Leilani Lei, TheFeetGuide
Someone ran into my car and now I have to file a claim with my insurance agency. They send a cute tall young gentleman to my house. Before I leave the room to get him my paperwork he needs, I slip my shoes off to be more comfy. When I come back into the room he is on his knees with my shoe to his face....

Tags: Foot Worship
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