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Models / Nicky Rebel

Avg Rating: 5.0

Nicky Rebel Vital Stats:

Nicky is a young male talent I recently came across. He is a very interesting man with a lot of depth. Keep your eye on Nicky as I expect big things from this cute young man. He is available for custom videos.

Nicky Rebel Updates

Caught Perving
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
Milf Leilani arrives home to discover Nicky perving on Lola masturbating. And he’s jerking off! She grabs him by his hard dick and drags him into the room to tell Lola. As Leilani stands there about to lecture and humiliate she is distracted by his hard cock that has not gone down. She taps it to discover...

Tags: Facial, MILF, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
Inappropriate Hand Job
Dezi Rae, Leilani Lei
Nicky shows up early for a date with Desiree who is not home yet. She’s running a bit late. Leilani see’s her chance to check out his cock. She starts flirting and offers him a hand job. Just to help him last longer with Desiree later. His cock is so hard and young. Leilani loves the feel of his...

Tags: BJs n HJs, Cougar, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
She Can Deepthroat
Leilani Lei, Nicky Rebel
Milf Leilani arrives home from work and to her surprise young Skylar is attempting to give a blow job to her boyfriend. Why is she is Leilani’s bedroom instead of her own? By the looks of things Skylar does not know how to give a blow job. Leilani decides to teach Skylar how to give a proper blow job...

Tags: BJs n HJs, Roleplay
Dr Lei Removes Blockage
Kitty Quinn, Leilani Lei
Dr Lei's current patient is furiously jerking off. Not exactly something she sees in her office. He says he has been jacking off for days and can’t get the nut out even though he feels it and is so close to release. He is desperate and needs help. Leilani lubes up her hands to exam and see if a different...

Tags: BJs n HJs, MILF
Virgin Is Taught Sex
Leilani Lei, Lola Leda
Milf Leilani walks in on Lola giving Nicky a blow job. She is shocked. Turns out Lola has never had sex, never given a blow job but has done hand jobs, but not well it seems. So she turned to Nicky for help. When Leilani finds this out she helps instruct Lola in the ways of sex by using Nicky’s hard...

Tags: MILF, Roleplay, Threesomes n More
Sex Therapist Teaches Hand Job
Dezi Rae, Leilani Lei
Dr Lei has a young couple seeing her for the first time. Seems the wife is not very good at hand jobs according to her husband. He loves sex and it is great but he sometimes just wants a HJ and she is not up to the task. He needs help in teaching her how to do a good hand job. Dr Lei helps the young...

Tags: BJs n HJs
Giving Her Boyfriend a HJ
Kitty Quinn, Leilani Lei
Naughty minx Leilani walked in on Kitty’s boyfriend jerking off. Nice young cock. She couldn’t help herself and offered to help. She was enjoying making him squirm. Apparently Kitty wasn’t doing very well and hadn’t given him a hand job in awhile. He was desperately missing HJs. Darn! Kitty caught...

Tags: BJs n HJs, MILF
Swinger Party Newbies
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
A couple go to a swinger club for the first time not knowing what exactly to expect. They walk in and pass by a couple who are making out. They find a spot on the couch to sit and observe the party. A couple immediately sit next to them, introducing themselves as she pulls the man’s dick out, giving...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, MILF, Threesomes n More
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