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Models / Masked Slave

Avg Rating: 4.0

Masked Slave Vital Stats:

My masked slave I credit with helping me to understand foot fetish and being the first foot fetish producer (Foot Exhibit) to work with me. He has helped me understand many aspects of foot fetish so that I can produce better videos for y'all. He also takes many fabulous pictures of my feet that y'all seem to love!

Masked Slave Updates

Playing With My Masked Slave
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Mistress Leilani has her slave strapped down, spread eagle, naked on the bed. She is feeling a bit sadistic today. She has her crop for some cock n ball torture, even using her hand to squeeze and slap her slaves balls and cock. He gets a bit noisy so she gags him before resuming her play. Her slave...

Tags: Fetish
You Need My Feet
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Leilani knew Kathy would be gone for several hours. She invited Kathy’s boyfriend over. She knew he couldn’t stop thinking about her feet and was drooling to have them again. The way he attacked her feet was like he needed them, like an addiction. He savored Leilani’s feet for several minutes before...

Tags: Foot Worship
Lei's Motel Episode 7
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Lei had left this guest bound to the bed for several hours while she took care of business. She had closed the motel down so she didn’t have to register any new guests. It was the nicest thing about being so far out from anywhere else. She had complete control over her motel and who stayed there. She...

Tags: Fetish, Motel Series
Seducing You With My Feet
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Leilani had just got home from work and was sitting watching tv for a moment before starting dinner. Kathy’s boyfriend showed up, but she wasn’t home yet so he sat on the couch waiting. Leilani knew he had foot fetish and had heard from Kathy that he gave wonderful foot massages. Leilani asks for...

Tags: Foot Worship
Femdom Foot Worship Vol 2
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Goddess Leilani suspected that her masked slave was not doing his chores. She came home early one day to check on him. He’s sitting around reading a book? She makes a quick check of the house and finds that he has not done any cleaning yet. He’s going to clean something right now! Her feet are quickly...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship
Tickling Leilani Vol 6
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Leilani awakes to find she is bound to a bed. What happened last night? She didn’t drink that much did she? Wait. She remembers, there was a sweet man who offered to share a cab with her to make sure she got to her hotel ok. Well, this was not her hotel. Suddenly a man covered from head to toe in black...

Tags: Tickling
Foot Worship Training
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Mistress Leilani has made a training tape for anyone unfamiliar with foot fetish. Ladies you may not realize the worth of your feet. Slaves can be so shy in admitting they have a foot fetish. Use these tips to test your slave for a foot fetish....

Tags: Foot Worship
Maid Finds Bound Slave Again
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
It’s been a few weeks since the maid had found a foot slave bound to a bed in her mistress’s house. She was back to that area of the house to clean while her mistress was away. She was not supposed to clean that room. Usually the door was locked as the maid had tried it several times. She was curious...

Tags: Fetish
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