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Models / Maleka

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Maleka Vital Stats:

Maleka has very sexy size 8 feet and does fetish scenes. She is a joy to work with and always available for custom fetish videos. She lives just down the street from me. :)

Maleka Updates

Cum On Our Feet
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Do you like cum covered feet? Wrinkled soles with cum dripping down them? How about 2 pairs of wrinkled soles with cum dripping from the toes down to the heels? Does it excite you? Make you want to stroke one out? Do you want to add your cum load to our feet? Dirty talk / JOI

Tags: JOI, POV Foot Worship
Wedges Slapping JOI
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Three ladies wearing flip flop wedges and slapping them against their feet knowing it drives you wild with desire. They encourage you to jerk off to the sound of their flip flop wedges slapping against their soles.

Tags: Fetish
Pervy Foot Doctor 8
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Dr Lei has a new foot patient complaining of pain in her cute wrinkled sweaty smelly feet. Dr Lei can’t help herself she inhales deeply from her patients shoes and then her delectable feet. Soon she is lost in her worshipping of her patients feet.

Tags: Foot Worship
Pantyhose Feet JOI 2
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Are you waiting for us to take our shoes off? Do you want to smell the funk of our pantyhose covered feet that has been sweating in our heels? Look at your nose twitch in anticipation. Did your dick just get hard when you caught a whiff of our feet? We are not going anywhere so you might as well whip...

Tags: JOI, Nylon Worship, POV Foot Worship
Show Us Your Little D
Leilani Lei, Maleka
You have been brought home by two sexy women. Now it is time to reveal your dick to them. Are you a grower? Get hard for us. oh that is all there is? But that tiny dick won’t satisfy us. SPH

Tags: Fetish
Worshipping Maleka
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Maleka has just graduated. Her counselor can get her a full scholarship with a letter to the school. If Maleka will consent to her feet being worshipped. Her counselor has long admired her feet and here she was wearing sandals again.

Tags: Foot Worship
Oily Feet JOI 6
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Did you ask for oily wrinkled soles? Slippery oiled toes wiggling at you? Then this is your lucky day darlin. You have two pairs of wrinkled soles all shiny for you to gaze upon. Of course we encourage you to jerk off to this rare moment.

Tags: JOI, Oily Soles, POV Foot Worship
POV Foot JOI 32
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Leilani and Maleka get together to show off their feet to you. While admiring each others soft wrinkled soles they encourage you to jerk off for them. Does their wiggling toes make your dick jump?

Tags: JOI, POV Foot Worship
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