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Models / Tristan Sweet

Avg Rating: 4.0

Tristan Sweet Vital Stats:

When I first met Tristan at FetishCon, I thought he was an adorable little twink. While he played that part to get started in the porn industry, he is much more than that. He reached out to me to shoot. After some conversations, we got together and shot some scenes. He was surprising and delightful to work with.

Tristan Sweet Updates

Erotic Dream
Diamond Rose, Leilani Lei
Young sexy Tristan is sleeping, it looks like he is deep in a dream state. Is it a good dream? Let’s peek and find out. Tristan is naked, smiling as two sexy women join him in bed, one to each side. Without a word the women start giving him a blow job. Looks like an erotic dream has started. Let’s...

Tags: MILF, Threesomes n More
Teaching Diamond Rose
Diamond Rose, Leilani Lei
Leilani has a friend down the street that goes out of town for a few days at a time. While Leilani is checking in on her friend’s house, one of the occupants has found Leilani’s friends vibrator and is trying it out with her clothes on. Leilani shows her how to use it, until she gets worked up and...

Tags: MILF, Threesomes n More
Lei's Motel Episode 13
Diamond Rose, Leilani Lei
It's time to remind my masked slave who is in control. He seems to have forgotten that he is beneath me. He is getting too big for his britches, thinking he can control the other slaves, telling them what to do. That is my job, not his. I trample him with my bare feet, to demonstrate how far beneath...

Tags: MILF, Motel Series, Threesomes n More
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