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Models / Samantha Ray

Avg Rating: 4.0

Samantha Ray Vital Stats:

Samantha is a gorgeous tanned tall blonde. She is a photographer, hairdresser and adult model. She runs her own sites as well as works for other producers, large and small. Samantha does a variety of adult work.

Samantha Ray Updates

Boyfriend Left You?
Leilani Lei, Samantha Ray
Samantha comes into Leilani’s room with the news that her boyfriend just dumped her. Leilani can’t believe anyone would leave her tall blonde friend. As she is consoling her girlfriend Leilani wraps her arms around Samantha to give her a long comforting hug, as she starts to pull away they kiss and...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
Worshipping Her Size 9 Feet
Leilani Lei, Samantha Ray
Leilani’s girlfriend Samantha was visiting. It had been a few years since they had seen each other. Leilani’s eyes were drawn to Samantha’s purple toe nails and her toe rings. Leilani always liked her long toes. As she pulls Samantha’s foot to her mouth, she asks if she can worship Samantha’s...

Tags: Foot Worship
Leilani's Surprise
Leilani Lei, Samantha Ray
Two mature milfs Leilani and Samantha are having a sexy afternoon with each other, enjoying each other’s pussy. Samantha sits on Leilani’s face and says she has a surprise for Leilani. Suddenly Leilani feels a hard cock slide into her tight wet pussy. There sexy time just became a threesome and Leilani...

Tags: Threesomes n More
Sex After Workout
Leilani Lei, Samantha Ray
Two hot milf’s have collapsed on the bed after a workout. They are feeling fabulous, sweaty and their endorphins are flowing making them hornier than normal. Of course watching each other as they worked out didn’t help either. Soon their clothes are coming off as they kiss, hands reaching for pussies....

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
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