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Models / Masked Slave

Avg Rating: 4.0

Masked Slave Vital Stats:

My masked slave I credit with helping me to understand foot fetish and being the first foot fetish producer (Foot Exhibit) to work with me. He has helped me understand many aspects of foot fetish so that I can produce better videos for y'all. He also takes many fabulous pictures of my feet that y'all seem to love!

Masked Slave Updates

Masked Slaves Foot Job
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Mistress Leilani has her slave naked and bound to the bed. What torture does she have planned for him this time? She decides to be nice this time, to start with at least. He has been a good slave this week so she is going to give him a foot job. She releases one hand, as he is so quick to cum on her...

Tags: Foot Job
Face Sitting Dream
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
A sleeping man has a dream and starts to stroke himself. I wonder what he is dreaming about. Let’s take a peek to see what has him turned on. A petite milf is sitting on his face, running her hands along his body sensually. Playing with his nipples, while she wiggles on his face. We hear his gasped...

Tags: Fetish
Vibrating Dream
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Milf is getting herself off with her vibrator, her body wiggling around on the bed, her moans filling the room. She brings herself to a hard body shaking orgasm before falling asleep. She wakes to find herself bound to the bed by straps. Suddenly a man in a zentai suit appears. She is unsure. He caresses...

Tags: Masturbation
Milf Wants Job
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Milf is on an interview for a job she really wants. The interviewer seems nervous and he keeps looking at her feet. She decides to test him to be sure as this may be the way to seal the deal for her being chosen for the job. He drops his pen. She slips her foot out of her classic black suede pumps to...

Tags: Foot Job, Foot Worship
Do Men Like Vibrators
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
We all know women like vibrators, but do men? I had heard rumors that some men like vibrators too. I decide to put it to the test. I strap my masked slave down to the bed, blindfolded. I start with a mild vibrator, moving up to one that is a bit stronger before pulling out the powerful vibrator. By the...

Tags: Fetish
We Don't Hire Men
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
So you applied for a job at my company. Obviously you did not do your research properly. Did you not notice as you walked through the building to the interview room that there are no men in this company? I don’t hire men. One reason, they don’t follow directions well from a woman. At least the man...

Tags: Fetish
Trampling Your Dick
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
So you like me feet huh? You will do anything to worship my feet? To kiss, lick, suck my feet? You like my feet pressing into your flesh? The weight of my feet on your chest? How about when I press my sole against your hard dick? Do you like the feeling of my foot crushing your hard dick? How much weight...

Tags: Fetish
Cock Cage Training
Leilani Lei, Masked Slave
Milf Leilani explains the advantages to cock cage training your man. Keep your man from getting hard when you don’t want him to. Does he go on the road a lot? Lock him up before he goes. Does he like watching porn, jacking off and spilling his seed just before you come home wanting a good fuck? Lock...

Tags: Fetish
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