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Models / Jake

Avg Rating: 4.0

Jake Vital Stats:

Jake was recommended to me by another producer. He is a wonderful model that I look forward to working with again.

Jake Updates

Stockings Foot Job
Jake, Leilani Lei
Milf Leilani comes home from work to find Jake watching TV in her room again. She really should get a bigger TV for the living room. He offers to take her shoes off and massage her feet for her. He starts getting turned on by the feel of her stockings. He surprises her by smelling and kissing her feet....

Tags: Foot Job
One Crazy Sexual Night
Jake, Jonathan Jordan
Leilani is at her young lovers house, naked in his bed, giving him a blow job when another woman walks in. What the hell? Is he playing around on Leilani? Jake convinces Sally to stay and make it a threesome. They are enjoying wild sex with each other. No one notices the fourth person enter the room....

Tags: CreamPie, Threesomes n More
Bitchy Boss Gets Fucked
Jake, Leilani Lei
Jake’s boss is bitching at him again. When was the last time she was fucked? Leilani is bitchy at him for incomplete contracts, missing information, missing signatures. Jake has had it with her constant bitching. He whips out his dick and tells her she needs to get fucked. She protests, we are at work....

Tags: MILF
A Foot Fetish Fantasy
Jake, Leilani Lei
Milf Leilani needs to use her young man’s laptop to order some pizza for dinner. She hollers in at him but she’s not sure he heard with the shower running. She opens his laptop to discover he had been looking at pictures and videos of feet. Is that a thing? He walks in, she asks him about it. He...

Tags: Foot Worship, MILF, Role Play
Moving Sanctions
Jake, Leilani Lei
Leilani married her latest husband for money and his redheaded boy Jake still living at home. Her husband is older and unable to keep up with Leilani. One of the changes she made to the household was to move Jake to the other side of the house. She knew he wasn’t happy with her. One night she visits...

Tags: MILF, Role Play
Sensual Foot Job
Jake, Leilani Lei
My feet have been craving your hands, face, lips, tongue and hard dick. It’s been awhile since I gave you a foot job or let you play with my feet. I dress in sexy white lace, have a fresh pedicure so my feet are very soft for you. I know how much you love to massage my feet, rub them on your face,...

Tags: Foot Job
Lei's Motel Episode 17
Jake, Leilani Lei
A young red headed man checks into Lei’s Motel. Lei has never had a ginger before. She notices he ordered an adult movie in his room. Unfortunately the system isn’t working right. She bursts into his room to offer a different type of compensation. She strips, pulls the towel away from him and immediately...

Tags: MILF, Motel Series
Club Pick Up 3
Jake, Leilani Lei
Leilani had been at the club hanging out. She noticed a cute redheaded guy that kept eyeing her stocking covered legs, her heels as she dangled them off her feet. She had a drink with him before bringing him home with her for some foot play. He thought otherwise but didn’t mind the foot job she gave...

Tags: Foot Job, Foot Worship
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