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Models / Helena Price

Avg Rating: 4.0

Helena Price Vital Stats:

Helena is a sexy milf whom I perved on for awhile before getting a chance to meet and work with her. She is an amazing lady I enjoyed being with. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Helena Price Updates

Milfs Seduce New Student
Helena Price, Jake
Two bisexual milfs invite a young man over. He is new in town and they want to welcome the cute man into their world. He seems so shy and they want to help him make new friends. They slowly seduce him on the couch and find out he is a virgin. They take him by the hand to the bedroom, push him on the...

Tags: Threesomes n More
Milf Fucks Her Girlfriend
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Leilani and her girlfriend Helena schedule date nights of sexual fun. They are dressed in sexy in garter belts, stockings and heels because it makes them feel sexy, turns them on and gets their pussies wet. Tonight it is strap-on fun and it’s Leilani’s turn to wear it. She loves to fuck Helena and...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
POV Foot JOI 13
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Helena and Leilani see you looking at their bare feet kicked up on the table. Are you drooling for our soft wrinkled soles? We wiggle our toes and you squirm in your chair as your dick hardens. We tell you what we want you to do to our feet while we encourage you to stroke your hard throbbing dick for...

Tags: POV Foot Worship
Helping A Girlfriend Orgasm
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Leilani walks into Helena’s bedroom to see if she wants to go to the movies but it looks like Helena is having more fun. She interrupted Helena masturbating with her vibrator. Leilani asks if she wants company. Helena continues with the vibrator while Leilani uses a dildo on her. Once she orgasms she...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
Worshipping Helena
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Leilani confesses to Helena that she has a foot fetish. She asks to worship Helena’s soft feet. She starts with a foot massage while she explains. But soon Leilani smells her toes, lick her soles and sucks her toes. It feels so good to Helena she wants to try worshipping Leilani’s petite feet. Helena...

Tags: Foot Worship
Hot Neighbor 4
Helena Price, Jonathan Jordan
Leilani comes into Helena’s room to tell her the neighbor is out in the yard again with no shirt on. They perv on him through the window. Leilani decides today is the day to be friendly neighbors and ask him over. She tells Helena she will ask him and then run up to the store for a bottle of wine....

Tags: Interracial, Threesomes n More
No Dates
Helena Price, Leilani Lei
Leilani and Helena’s dates have cancelled. The girls are dressed sexy, horny and ready for fun! They can’t let the evening go to waste they begin kissing and strip each other out of their clothes to move into a 69 position. Soon they are scissoring, more pussy eating and ass eating. Who needs guys?!...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls


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