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Models / Gunner

Avg Rating: 5.0

Gunner Vital Stats:

Gunner and I have been admiring each others work and talking about working together for many years. Our schedules finally lined up! He was a very good slave to work with and I hope it is not years again before we work together.

Gunner Updates

Trampling My Slave 2
Gunner, Leilani Lei
Goddess Leilani finds her slave laying on the floor just waiting to feel her feet all over his body. He likes the weight of her feet pressing into him. She stands on his chest with her toes just out of reach of his mouth before leaving him with his hard dripping dick....

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Trampling
Locked n Teased With Feet
Gunner, Leilani Lei
Gunner will do anything for Leilani’s feet including suffer for them. She locks his cock up in a nice metal cage while she teases him with her soft soles and wiggling toes in his face. She makes him worship her feet, suck and lick her toes. She occasionally using one foot to play with his caged cock...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship
Worship My Ass
Gunner, Leilani Lei
Mistress Leilani is horny and her fingers are not quite enough. She wants a tongue licking her ass while she masturbates. She calls in her slave Gunner as he does it so well. She commands him on to the bed and promptly places her ass on his chest so he has access to her tiny asshole....

Tags: Fetish, Masturbation
Fuck My Soles Slave
Gunner, Leilani Lei
Gunner is horny and his Mistress is busy. She doesn’t have time to spend on him right now. The best she can do is offer her feet to him while she checks her emails. That is all he wanted. He commences to stroking his hard dick on her feet, fucking her soles until his seed bursts from him....

Tags: Foot Worship
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