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Models / Fetish Minds

Avg Rating: 4.0

Fetish Minds Vital Stats:

Fetish Minds is a new fetish male talent. An older gentleman with many kinks who wants to now put it on film for all to enjoy as he does. I'm having fun learning new fetishes with him.

Fetish Minds Updates

Playing With Our Roommate
Christina Sapphire, Fetish Minds
Milf roommates had a new male roommate that was very quiet. He kept to himself and they didn’t know a lot about him. While he went to the pool for a couple of hours, Leilani found his computer unlocked and looked at his browsing history. She immediately shared the info with Christina. He was kinky!...

Tags: Fetish
My New Play Toy
Fetish Minds, Leilani Lei
Leilani has been bad. She met a man who has a serious weakness for shoes. She wanted him for her own pleasure, her play toy. She invited him over, bound him in rope just for the pleasure of teasing him with her shoes. She didn’t want him to leave yet. As soon as the rope touched his skin he became...

Tags: Fetish
Heel Fetish
Fetish Minds, Leilani Lei
During a kinky party, Leilani walks into her bedroom to change shoes and discovers a guest on her bed with several pairs of her shoes. He has a shoe fetish and couldn’t resist looking at her shoe collection. He got so turned on he took several pairs to the bed to enjoy the scent of her feet in them....

Tags: Fetish
Lei's Motel Episode 16
Fetish Minds, Leilani Lei
A gentleman checks into Lei’s Motel one evening. Lei notices how he looks at the leather gloves she has laid out on the counter. Does he have a leather fetish? Lei visits his room to find out. She teases him with the gloves, the smell of the leather, the feel of the supple worn leather against his...

Tags: Fetish, Motel Series
Introduced To Foot Worship
Christina Sapphire, Fetish Minds
Goddess Leilani introduces her friend to two of her slaves one afternoon. Her friend mentioned she had never had her feet worshipped before so Leilani decided to treat her friend with a foot worship. She calls in two slaves who just happen to love feet and instructs them to give both Goddess’s a full...

Tags: Foot Worship
Tickling Fetish Minds
Fetish Minds, Leilani Lei
Leilani has bound a few females to her bed to tickle but she has not tickled a male yet. Today that changes. Leilani has a feeling that Fetish Minds is a ticklish person. He took a nap and she made her move. He wonders what games we are going to play now. My nails slowly rake over his body, finding the...

Tags: Tickling
Worship My Feet 5
Fetish Minds, Leilani Lei
Goddess Leilani has two slaves to worship her feet. One for each foot. Leilani needs to be pampered by her slaves. She makes here slaves work for her feet. She has on high heels with buckle straps all the way up to her knees. Leilani has them start by massaging her feet, before they are allowed to kiss,...

Tags: Foot Worship
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