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Models / Anastasia Rose

Avg Rating: 4.0

Anastasia Rose Vital Stats:

Anastasia is a vibrant talented versatile model who truly enjoys what she does. This petite bundle of sexual positivity is a joy and delight to work with.. She does fetish and xxx scenes. She is available for custom video orders.

Anastasia Rose Updates

Prude Milf Catches You
Anastasia Rose, Jonathan Jordan
Prude milf finds out her girl Anastasia is dating a black man. She forbids her from dating him. What would the neighbors think? He is not allowed in her house. As soon as milf leaves for work, Anastasia invites her boyfriend over to fuck in milf’s bed. Milf comes home and catches them in her bed. She...

Tags: Interracial, Role Play, Threesomes n More
Pervy Foot Doctor 2
Anastasia Rose, Leilani Lei
Petite sexy Anastasia visits the foot doctor for advice on her aching feet. Dr Lei examines her feet after viewing the xray and finding no broken or fractured bones. The muscles in Anastasia’s feet are tight. Anastasia has been standing a lot recently so that would explain the soreness too. Dr Lei...

Tags: Foot Worship
Casting Couch 5
Anastasia Rose, Leilani Lei
The adorable sexy Anastasia Rose stops by to visit Leilani on the casting couch. PFM Lei Productions is very interested in her work. Anastasia has long dark hair framing her beautiful face and hypnotizing eyes. The arch in her back leading to a squeezable ass. The perv Leilani convinces Anastasia to...

Tags: Girls Girls Girls
POV Foot Worship JOI
Anastasia Rose, Leilani Lei
Leilani and Anastasia have graced you with their presence in lingerie and barefoot. They know how much you love their feet, their wiggling toes. They want you to get comfy and jerk off to their feet while they tease and give you jerk off instructions. They want a big cum load on their wrinkled soles....

Tags: POV Foot Worship
Teaching Masturbation
Anastasia Rose, Leilani Lei
Anastasia has slipped into milf Leilani’s room. She loves her bed. It feels so good lounging in her bed that her hands start roaming her body, touching herself everywhere. Moving her panties to the side she starts to play with her pussy. Milf Leilani walks in and sees what Anastasia is doing. She takes...

Tags: Masturbation, Role Play
POV Foot Worship 2
Anastasia Rose
Anastasia mercilessly teases her foot boy. Her feet are covered with black patent shoes. She has been out all night at the club and her feet are so sweaty. But you will lick them clean for her won’t you? She slowly seductively removes her shoes for you. Dangling her heels for you before completely...

Tags: POV Foot Worship
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