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Models / Ivan Boulder

Avg Rating: 4.0

Ivan Boulder Vital Stats:

Ivan is a big guy compared to my tiny self. He easily tosses me around to bind me tight in bondage. He adores showing off shapely legs in his bondage preferably legs wrapped in nylons. Ivan can tie me up in his rope anytime he wants!

Ivan Boulder Updates

Hot Wife Hogtied
Ivan Boulder, Leilani Lei
Sexy hot wife Leilani has spent all of her weekly allowance on a big sale. She just found out another of her favorite stores to shop at is having a huge sale but she doesn’t have any money to shop. She dolls herself up in sexy lingerie, stockings, heels and goes to her husband to ask for more money....

Tags: Bondage
Secretary Punished
Ivan Boulder, Leilani Lei
Ivan was mad. He had just lost an account, a very lucrative account because his secretary sent the proposal by regular mail instead of courier. After being confronted, Leilani expects to be fired. She messed up royally. But Ivan has other plans for her. He has a punishment in mind so that she won’t...

Tags: Bondage
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