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Models / Dorky Darien

Avg Rating: 4.0

Dorky Darien Vital Stats:

Darien is a cute up and coming young male talent I had the pleasure of working with. While he identifies with the term geek, he chose to stand out from the crowd by using dorky, rarely heard these days. I expect you may hear more of it in the future. With advanced notice Darien is available for customs.

Dorky Darien Updates

The Virginity Con
Dorky Darien, Jonathan Jordan
Milf is hanging out with her bull one afternoon. She wanted to be fucked but his young dorky cousin was visiting so her bull was entertaining him. He asked his dorky cousin if he was going out or still into gaming. Milf asks if the dork is still a virgin. She asks if he has ever kissed a girl, touched...

Tags: Facial, Interracial, Threesomes n More
Centerfold Maid 15
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
The guest in the next room the milf maid enters to clean is a young man with only a towel thrown across him as he is reading a magazine. Looks like an old magazine the maid had posed for a few years back. He looks like he was barely legal when the magazine came out. He probably won’t recognize her,...

Tags: Interracial, Maid Series
Professor Tutors Student
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
A professor is tutoring a promising student. He is having a hard time understanding the literature assigned. In exasperation, the professor decides he needs to clear out some blockage in his head, see the information in a different light. She tells him not all blockages are here as she taps his head....

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
Frat House Maid
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
Horny milf cleans frat houses for extra money and the sex. Young college guys are always horny just like her. When one of the guys clean their room and she doesn’t have to, she rewards them with a good fuck. It’s a great benefit of her job. She finds that dorks are more likely to clean their room...

Tags: Interracial
Dr Lei's Sexual Healing
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
A young man hasn’t been feeling well. He goes to see Dr Lei to find out what is going on. It’s nothing specific he can pinpoint, he feels lethargic, no energy, grumpy, depressed. After his examination Dr Lei spots the problem. He has full balls. She will need to clear out the blockage to get his...

Tags: Dr Lei Series, Interracial
Neighborhood Milf 3
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
Milf Leilani noticed the new young guy moving into the neighborhood. His muscles standing out as he carried boxes into the house. She couldn’t wait to welcome him to the neighborhood. She waited until she saw empty boxes put out in the trash. She wanted him to get mostly unpacked at least before she...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
Happy Ending Massage 3
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
It was bikini massage day and Leilani was massaging a cute dork. His towel slipped down as she massaged his fabulous round butt cheeks. She has him roll over so she can massage his front. She notices he’s gotten hard, she sneaks a peek by pulling the towel down a bit too far. But she mustn’t. But...

Tags: CreamPie, Interracial
Swinger Party Newbies
Dorky Darien, Leilani Lei
A couple go to a swinger club for the first time not knowing what exactly to expect. They walk in and pass by a couple who are making out. They find a spot on the couch to sit and observe the party. A couple immediately sit next to them, introducing themselves as she pulls the man’s dick out, giving...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial, MILF, Threesomes n More
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