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Models / Badd Kittyy Katt

Avg Rating: 5.0

Badd Kittyy Katt Vital Stats:

Katt is a young redhead with sexy feet that are very similar to mine. I enjoyed working with her and look forward to doing so again. I think you will enjoy her feet as much as I did.

Badd Kittyy Katt Updates

Serving Mistress With Hubby
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Leilani is not a dominant lady as her man likes. He needs to fully serve a mistress. He has tried to explain and help Leilani be the Dom he wants but realizes that she is submissive like him. He brings his mistress home to help save their marriage by letting Leilani feel what it is like to be fully submissive....

Tags: Fetish, Foot Worship
Domme's Play With You
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
You are the victim of two Dominant women wanting to torture you in pain and pleasure. You are bound to the bed, the straps pulled tight to keep you in a spread eagle position. If you survive the pain inflicted, you will receive a reward of pleasure so intense it drives you mad.

Tags: Fetish, Foot Domination
Teaching Badd Kittyy Katt
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Katt was home from college visiting milf Leilani. She had noticed several guys taking pictures of girls feet including her own. She got a lot of compliments on her pedicure and guys were looking down a lot. Were they watching feet? Why? Leilani explained they probably have a foot fetish. Kitty had not...

Tags: Foot Worship
Pets Foot Job
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Pet has been good and deserves his most desired wish, feet in his face while another set of feet are stroking his dick. But first he has to worship both sets of feet to get his dick throbbing hard. When his balls are full and ready to explode they allow him to cum on their feet.

Tags: Foot Job
Worshipping Badd Kittyy Katt
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Katt is visiting Leilani for the afternoon and Leilani can’t keep her eyes off Katt’s feet. Her pedicure is fabulous and the tiny sandals she is wearing shows off her whole foot. Leilani wants to worship those cute feet. She slyly asks Katt if she has ever had her feet worshipped? Katt hasn’t....

Tags: Foot Worship
Milf Discovers Foot Worship
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Milf Leilani arrives home early to find her young lady Katt with her feet in a man’s mouth. He is on the floor, on his knees. What is going on? They try to claim nothing but Leilani persists. She just saw him with your feet in his mouth. Katt explains foot fetish to Leilani and has her pet worship...

Tags: Foot Worship
POV Foot JOI 21
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Leilani and Katt have a surprise for you. They are going to share their feet with you. They plant their feet right in your face, teasing you with their wiggling toes, telling you what they like done to their feet while encouraging you to stroke your hard dick.

Tags: POV Foot Worship
POV Nylon Worship 6
Badd Kittyy Katt, Leilani Lei
Leilani and Katt arrive home, plop down on the couch for a rest before going about the business of making dinner. Their roommate quickly enters the room to sit on the floor in front of them, his nose twitching. This is starting to be a habit with him. They have figured out he has a thing for their pantyhose...

Tags: Nylon Worship
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